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The decision to join an industry association, like IVD Australia, is a significant milestone in the growth and development of your business, it is an integral compenent of your business’ commitment to excellence in the provision of products and services to the industry and the wider community. The next step is to determine the type of membership that is right for your business. 

IVD Australia was formed in 2009, with the primary mission to to facilitate the growth and development of the in-vitro diagnostics industry in Australia, and all of our activities are directed towards this endeavour. Underpinning this goal, IVD Australia provides leadership, strategy, advocacy and support. Our members set our agenda, fund our activities and benefit from our activities. 

If you have any questions concerning membership or the application process, please email or call 1300 IVD AUS (483 287).


Within IVD Australia, there are three classes of Members, namely:

(i) Honorary Life Members;

(ii) Voting Members; and

(iii) Associate Members.

The Board has absolute discretion for the allocation of Members into classes of membership.


Honorary Life Members

A person may be an Honorary Life Member if that person has, by determination of the Board, made outstanding contributions to the Company or to the field of in-vitro diagnostics or a related field of endeavour. Nomination for the Honorary Life Membership should be made dirctly to the CEO, for determination by the Board of Directors.

An Honorary Life Member is entitled to attend and participate in Company proceedings.

An Honorary Life Member is not entitled to vote in Company general meetings.

Current Life Members

Mr Adrian Tennyenhuis (Inaugural IVD Australia Chair)


Voting Members

A person may be a Voting Member if that person is a Corporation, Incorporated Association or Unincorporated Association formed under any laws of the Commonwealth or States or Territories of the Commonwealth and is actively involved in any field of in-vitro diagnostics. In special circumstances, the Board may admit persons not so qualified to Voting Membership of the Company. A Voting Member is entitled to attend and participate in Company proceedings.

A Voting Member is entitled to vote at any General Meeting of the Company.


Associate Members

A person may be an Associate Member if that person is ineligible to be a Voting Member but is involved in any allied industry, studies or research.

An Associate Member is entitled to attend and participate in Company proceedings.

An Associate Member is not entitled to vote in Company general meetings.


IVD Australia now represents over 50 companies across the whole range of the IVD spectrum. Our members include subsidiaries of major international Corporations, Australian distributors representing overseas principals, Australian manufacturers of IVDs as well as Consultants experienced in assisting companies with regulatory and quality matters.

Voting Membership is open to all Australian Companies actively engaged in the IVD Industry. Membership fees are based on turnover of IVDs in Australia in the previous Financial Year.

Potential members should download the 2016-2017 Membership Application pack - available here (zip file) - for further information and to apply.

Staff of Member Companies are entitled to become Directors of the Company, and be nominated to the various Committees and Working Groups.

Member companies are entitled to send staff to all IVD Australia activities including Networking Functions, Update forums and Training Sessions.



As IVD Australia has developed, institutions and organisation not currently part of the IVD industry are increasingly wishing to take part in IVD Australia activities and initiatives. As a result we have established an Associate Membership programme for organisations interested in accessing this ethically responsible and growing sector with links into the Asia Pacific region.

Potential Associate Members can download the Application pack - available here (zip file) - for further information and to apply.

Who are IVD Australia Associate Members?

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Membership Benefits

  • Consultation with TGA on the IVD Framework
  • Networking opportunities for you and your staff
  • A voice for Australian manufacturers and independent distributors
  • A means of influencing the development of the IVD industry in Australia

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