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IVD Australia Associate Members

  • KHQ Lawyers
    • IVD Australia is pleased to introduce KHQ Lawyers as an associate member.  KHQ Lawyers is a corporate and commercial law firm headquartered in Melbourne but servicing clients around Australia.  KHQ Lawyers describes itself as a ‘boutique’ top tier firm.  Most of its lawyers come from large national law firms but they prefer the nimble, agile and more cost-effective environment of a smaller firm.  KHQ’s point of difference as a law firm is that its services are top tier quality yet provided in a more responsive and cost-effective manner.  In terms of expertise, KHQ has legal experts in corporate and commercial matters (such as contracts, mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, IPOs and back door listings), workplace relations, OH&S and employment, commercial property, intellectual property, disputes, litigation and technology & IT.  KHQ is dedicated to fixed fee solutions where possible and transparency of fees in all cases.  You can read more about the firm here: www.khq.com.au.  You can also see the firm’s dedication to easy-to-use fixed fee services here: www.khqapproved.com.au.  

      IVD Australia is also pleased to announce that KHQ Lawyers will be providing our members with free telephone support as part of its associate membership.  Members have the opportunity to discuss legal issues, free of charge, with KHQ’s expert lawyers over the phone.  In many instances, a legal query can be handled quickly over the phone and KHQ is willing to provide this assistance at no charge to IVD Australia’s members.  Of course, if your legal query involves substantial legal work, you may have to pay fees for the services, however KHQ is dedicated to transparency over its fees and fixed fees where possible.  You will not receive any surprise invoices!  I encourage members to use this valuable resource.  If you have a legal issue you would like to discuss with a lawyer please contact David Kelly on 03 9663 9877.  David is IVD Australia’s relationship manager at KHQ Lawyers.  He will make sure your query is directed to the right person within the firm.  Alternatively, you can drop David an email (dkelly(at)khq.com.au) and he or another member of KHQ will get in touch with you promptly.

As IVD Australia has developed, institutions and organisation not currently part of the IVD industry are increasingly wishing to take part in IVD Australia activities and initiatives. As a result we have established an Associate Membership programme for organisations interested in accessing this ethically responsible and growing sector with links into the Asia Pacific region.

Who are IVD Australia Associate Members?

Organisations not directly involved in the industry interests of IVD Australia, but contribute to the overall development or advocacy of IVDs are eligible for Associate Membership.

These organisations may include professional service firms supporting the IVD industry and wish to gain the benefits of membership of the Australian IVD Industry association.

Eligible Associate Member organisations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Accounting & Finance Firms
  • Insurance Companies
  • Investment & Venture Capital Companies
  • Public Relations & Legal Firms
  • Distribution and Cold Storage Logistics/
  • Freight and Transport Companies
  • IT and Business Intelligence Companies
  • Personnel and Recruitment Companies
  • Third Party Service Engineers
  • Real Estate & Travel Agencies
  • Technical & Management
  • Consultancy Groups
  • Health Economic Consultancies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies interested in Companion and Molecular Diagnostics

If you have any questions, please read the Associate Member Brochure (CLICK HERE), and contact Dr Wendy-Jane Morrow at wj.morrow(at)ivd.org.au.